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Ethics essay is all about social behavior. Our type of conduct with others should be the best we can offer someone. We are surrounded with millions and billions of people. All of them are special in their own way. We should not look at them with any kind of hatred or inferiority, no matter what their caste, creed, color or religion is. The golden rule says, “Treat others the same way you would like to be treated.”

We have hundreds of people around us with whom we share our blood. And with many others, we are emotionally attached. All of them make us have a big family that loves and cares for us. We also have feelings for all of these relations, but most of the time our behavior does not speak our hearts’ language. We treat them badly unconsciously. We do not care about what they would feel, we have no idea what situation they would get through with our bad conduct. We just do or speak hard things out in anger without caring about the consequences. On the other hand, when someone else does anything bad with us, we do mind it. We don’t like to meet them or talk to them because they were once harsh with us. We feel it, so would they not feel it if we do the same with them? Therefore, we should take care of our actions we take and the words we say because the heart is where GOD lives, and breaking one’s heart is breaking God’s house. When we don’t like someone speaking badly with us then how could we do so with anyone else?

Kids now misbehave with parents, those special persons who are the source of their existence in this world. When they themselves become parents of kids like they were once, they hate it when their kids treat them badly. So in order to be treated well, they should treat their parents well.

Same is the case with your teachers. Students of today’s generation speak harshly both in front of and behind their respected teachers. They can read only because their teachers taught them how, but they don’t respect them for their selfless favour, but in fact have a bad attitude towards them. Same happens to them when they will teach something to someone in the future. They are disrespected. So behave well with your teachers too. They are your spiritual parents.

These are some of the golden rules one should follow when writing an Ethics coursework essay.