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How to Write a Biology Essay

Biology essays can be very interesting if at all the correct technique is used to write the essay. First, you must be able to select the right topics for your essay. How then do you come up with biology essay topics? Choosing an appropriate topic depends on your area of study and specialization. Biology is a wide course and there are sub-branches such as botany, zoology and genetics. The choice of topic therefore depends on your specific area of specialization. You topic tells a lot about the subsequent chapters of your biology essay. Chose a topic that interests the readers and is able to capture the attention of whoever is marking your paper. In addition to this, your topic should not be too wordy as this is a great hindrance to precision when choosing an essay topic.

The introduction of your biology essay should give a brief overview of your topic choice. As one goes through your introduction he/she should get to understand what your essay is all about and the underlying argument as well. In the introduction, you need to write some interesting facts about your essay and give some background information about the topic. Keep in mind that this should be done chronologically and your sentences or paragraphs for that matter should not overlap each other. On the issue of overlapping, make sure that your sentences do not come to an abrupt end and ensure a smooth transition from idea to idea which gives your essay more clarity. The body of your essay should give a detailed analysis of your biology essay. write my essays online

Conventionally, a biology essay is more likely to talk about topics such as genetics, plant life and animal life and to some extent medical disorders. You need to talk about various theories and experiments that have been conducted in the past to authenticate your argument. Whenever you substantiate your argument with hard facts, your essay is more convincing and it gives the reader the impression that you did enough research on your topic. It’s a matter of choice on whether to subdivide your biology essay into smaller sections in the body. However, dividing your essay into subsection makes your essay more appealing and a better format. Let’s say you choose a topic such as botany, you can subdivide your topic to into subheadings with features such as mitosis, meiosis and other life forms. In the event that you have selected a topic bordering on zoology, the subsequent sub-topics would be sexual reproduction, asexual reproduction and probably hereditary factors.


The last paragraph or two paragraphs should summarize what you have already written summarizing the main ideas and reinforcing your arguments in the concluding remarks. A strong conclusion gives the reader the impression that you understood what you were writing about and that creates an impact on the reader. How to write a conclusion is premeditated by the length of your research. For shorter papers, your conclusion can be a paragraph or two while for the relatively longer papers, the conclusion may run into a page. Following the above guidelines ensures that you have a perfect biology essay that will ultimately give you the A grade that you so deserve for the effort.